Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thoughts, fears and broken heart mixathon

Maybe its sooner than we thought but on the other hand we thought we didnt make this far. At this stage we should be stronger and closer than ever and the truth is, im far away. I suffer, im hurt inside because i should be there, by your side. Giving you all my support, love, caring and tenderness but unfortunately i can only do that by messages, msn, phone calls. I know its not enough although im trying my best. I feel so hopeless. A giant wave of frustration wants to take over me but i still and hope to be your rock, so i try not to let it happen. Specially now! Im scared of what might happen while im not there and im so damn scared that you might grow appart from me for not being there. I know you love and need me but i also know its times like these when people are put to test. Im afraid of us without each other now.

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