Saturday, August 30, 2008


I miss walking the dogs, the pasties, the walks, sharing Dr Pepper, therapy, your chair :-) but most of all i miss you

Thursday, August 28, 2008

a bit of welshie

still in wales but coming home soon. 5 wonderful days thanks to my best mate...aka scotty. been to many places, lots of walking, beautiful sights and a breathtaking green all over. People are truly, very friendly and i felt more than welcome. i also had time to see beauty and the beast. roxy is very special and i was lucky cause she slept on my lap. what a princess!!! benny is a boy so obviously hes a rascal just like his brother scott, he tried to put his tongue up my nose. and then we walked the dogs. rem concert was amazing and watched editors for the 3rd time..tom without his curls but still the rebel boy i love..stipe was sexy, specially dancing. watched there will be blood, wall-e and dont mess with the zohan...ill post some stuff later

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning to Fly

If the FF video makes me laugh, my trip sunday is making me really anxious. Im gonna fly to Bristol and then heading to Llanelli in Wales. The comfort i feel is knowing i´ll have two blue, bright eyes waiting for me..and maybe a kinder susprise too, who knows? As if this isnt enough, i also have a ticket to see Mr. Stipe and Mr. Smith (it´ll be my 3rd time). Maybe Tom will ask us to join him backstage..Just in case, i´ll give him the sign. Note to self: Stuff my mp4!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In dreams

Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you. In dreams I walk with you. in dreams I talk to you. In dreams youre mine. all of the time were together In dreams, in dreams. Its too bad that all these things, can only happen in my dreams
Roy Orbison, in dreams