Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are there any classes?

I truly believe there are people who are natural born flirters. It comes so naturaly, sometimes they dont even know they´re doing it! I know at least 2 persons who do that perfectly. In a way, i feel a bit jealous cause i never knew how to work charms and stuff like that. In fact, i cant even handle or deal with a compliment so flirting is something i just dont know how to do it! My lack of self esteem, confidence and shyness always got in the way or maybe im a romantic fool who believes in everlasting love!
Nevertheless, im willing to start learning a few hints, maybe i´ll feel better or just to experience how it feels, in fact, i guess i want to know how will I feel doing it. Is it worthy? Funny? Will it fulfill me?
Most important is trying to understand what drives flirters to do it. And considering the cases i know, what happens when they fall in love?

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